Fitness and Therapy Products for the Home

Stuck In Bed Fitness is a fitness solution that can be positioned over a bed, wheelchair, chair, or recliner to provide users with limited mobility a wide range of therapeutic, rehabilitative exercises, and stretches.
A newly launched desk treadmill is engineered to allow both corporate and home workers an easy way to incorporate movement into their day and can be folded up to allow space saving.
Nautilus Inc recently announced in a company news release the Apple Healthkit integration with its Bowflex Max Trainer this month, which will be followed closely by integration with the recently launched Nautilus 616 cardio line.
YuGo is engineered to allow physical therapists to define a personal exercise regimen that is then automatically transformed into video games to be played by the patient during rehabilitation.
Smartphones and home-based therapy products help patients stay on track with exercise programs outside of the PT clinic.
The SMARTROLLER by OPTP, Minneapolis, is a versatile foam roller designed to be resilient and durable.
exercise station
The Thera-Band Exercise from Performance Health, Akron, Ohio, is designed to combine balance, strength, and flexibility exercises into one fitness and therapy system.
wobble board
The Plastic Wobble Board made by SPRI, Libertyville, Ill, is a board designed to improve balance and coordination.
The DARD (Dynamic Axial Resistance Device) from SPRI, Libertyville, Ill, is a device designed to develop ankle and lower leg strength, stability, and stamina.
The PRO-ROLLER Arch from OPTP is designed to enhance a workout while offering needed support to the user.
The new Anatomical Roller from OPTP features a special design developed to support and align the spine during exercise.
The Total Workout System manufactured by Peak Pilates is a combination of the original Pilates Reformer and Half Cadillac and is designed to offer a total workout.
The Figure 8 System, available from North Coast Medical, is designed to increase the user’s strength and range of motion and can aid a clinician in creating a weighted exercise program for strengthening the scapula, shoulder, and forearm muscles.
According to Penn State College of Medicine researchers, a small elliptical device may help promote physical activity and weight loss while the user is sitting at a desk or watching TV.
StrongBoard Balance is a portable, electricity-free balance board that allows users to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises.
Mettler Electronics has introduced two new products to its product line: the Active Passive Trainer (APT) and the APT Plus.
Participants in this 2014 roundtable address a variety of topics, including the different therapeutic modalities used to treat chronic pain, the devices utilized for pain management, and products that provide a favorable return on investment.
The All Pro Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle and Wrist Weights are weights designed to provide friction-free comfort.
LL Corpus Cogere Inc recently announced the start-up of a venture committed to develop, sell, and service new age physical therapy (PT) equipment and solutions designed to improve rehabilitation patient outcomes and quality of life.
The TRX Rip Trainer is a fitness device designed to improve core strength, rotational power, flexibility, and endurance.