DeRoyal offers the Warrior II Knee Brace, available in a classic pull-up, wrap-around, or new half-wrap designs to enhance individual patient fit and comfort.
Breg, Inc. recently introduced its FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap, designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee.”
Clinicians from across the country reveal key features and functions in the devices they use to address knee and lower extremity rehab.
brace offers the Premium Back Stabilizer Brace, engineered to provide relief from acute injury, chronic back issues, weakness, and fatigue.
AliMed markets that SoftPro Grip Orthosis, built to provide users static therapy for support, protection, and positioning while treating non-fixed contractures.
A brace designed to accommodate mild MCL and/or LCL sprains, mild arthritis, post arthroscopic menisectomy, or mild global instabilities is available through ProCare, a brand of DJO Global.
A back brace featuring an anterior panel and built to offer postoperative support for relief from mild to acute lower back pain is available through
hand orthosis
The Adjustable Resting Hand Orthosis with Finger Separators made by Restorative Care of America, St Petersburg, Fla, is a hand orthosis that offers a functional resting hand position following trauma, stroke, or injury.
knee brace
The GenuTrain Knee Brace from Bauerfeind USA is a knee brace designed to relieve pain, stabilize the joint, and help the wearer achieve faster mobilization.
The Foot-Up, made by the Iceland-based company Össur, is an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) designed to offer dynamic foot support for drop foot.
knee brace
The RXORTHO+ Knee Brace from CEP Compression, Whitsett, NC, is a knee brace designed to improve blood circulation and coordination.
ankle brace
The Soft Ankle Brace with Straps by Mueller Sports Medicine, Prairie du Sac, Wis, is a lightweight, strapped ankle braced designed to provide tape-like support.
The Dedham, Mass-based company AliMed offers the Tibial Fracture Brace- Orthosis (TFO-PTB) with Shoe Insert for diaphyseal fractures of tibia and fibula.
The TS Rom Series braces from Townsend Design, Bakersfield, Calif, are braces designed for patients who have experienced mild ligament injuries or have had reconstructive knee surgery.
The Easy-On Elbow Brace from AliMed, Dedham, Mass, is a brace designed to increase range of motion as well as maintain functional alignment.
wrist orthosis
The Phomfit Wrist Orthosis, manufactured by Hely & Weber, Santa Paula, Calif, is a wrist orthosis constructed of foam and nylon tricot lining.
ankle brace
The Form Fit Ankle Brace from Össur, headquartered in Reykjavik, features a unique design that is engineered to provide compression and the comfort of a soft ankle.
arch lok
The Arch Lok from Swede-O Inc, North Branch, Minn, is a hinged ankle brace that features a modified orthotic footplate designed to provide critical foot and arch support while resisting inversion and eversion.
The Fast Fit Chipmunk from Cascade Dafo Inc is a submalleolar prefabricated orthosis designed for patients with fully correctable foot positions and mild to moderate low tone pronation.
Össur, an Iceland-based company, has launched REBOUND CARTILAGE, a brace designed to provide unicompartmental load reduction and range of movement restriction after articular cartilage defect procedures.