Laser Therapy for Healing: New Podcast

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In a new podcast sponsored by PHS Therapeutics by Pivotal Health Solutions (PHS), Frank Long, editorial director of Physical Therapy Products and Rehab Management, discusses low-level laser therapy with two laser technology experts. Curtis Turchin, MA, DC, director of clinical sciences, Pivotal Health Solutions, Laser Products Division, and Karen J. Woodbeck, MS, PT, OCS, ATC, CKTI, owner of Body Dynamic Clinic, will discuss how to use lasers to provide successful results for patients as well as help listeners understand which specs are important when making the right laser purchase. As part of this podcast, these two clinical experts also reveal how they combine laser therapy with therapeutic taping and exercise to enhance recovery.

About the experts: Curtis Turchin, MA, DC, is president and director of clinical sciences for Apollo Lasers. Turchin has been using lasers for approximately 27 years and is considered one of the experts in the field of lasers for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Karen J. Woodbeck MS, PT, OCS, ATC, CKTI, is a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer with more than 24 years of experience.  The primary focus of her practice is on orthopedics, sports medicine, manual therapy, Pilates, taping, and laser.

To listen to the new podcast, visit www.ptproductsonline.com/2014/08/lasers-pt-healing-speed-light-coming-august-18.